Sweden, Karlstad

    I.P. Nyström

    Wood, metal, fabric (silk); carving

    102 х 50.5 х 52 cm


    Mechanical harmonium in wooden case with two foot-beaters lined with burgundy fabric, with silvery colour metal plates and an inscription "JP Nyström” on the front panel bottom. They activate the music movement. Facade central part is decorated with a carved panel with floral ornament, its inner surface is covered with silk fabric of golden colour. A crank handle is to the right. There is a sliding lid. The claviature consists of 61 piano-keys. Black colour panel with the inscription "A.B. J. P. Nyström / Karlstad Sverige" in golden letters and images of coins is behind the claviature. Two panels that are regulating the sound volume are under the claviature. Two round stands for candlesticks covered with burgundy colour cloth are on the body edges. A perforated cardboard disc is on the right lateral side. Five carved fan-shaped panels with little knobbles on the edges are decorating the upper edge of the body.