Barrel Organs

Barrel organ

    Barrel organ


    Wood (walnut, birch, mahogany), brass; marquetry, painting

    60 x 45 x 70 cm, 41.7 kg

    Inscription on the case bottom part: “Curt Baum Hamburg”

    Barrel organ is made of wood. Front, rear and lateral sides are walnut wood veneered, with two hinged mahogany lids. The case bottom part is decorated with tinted birch; the central part is ornated by flower patterns with stems made in the marquetry technique.

    The case facade is divided into four segments: lateral sides and central bottom panel are decorated with a rural landscape. A set of eleven pipes is above. Brass handles are on the sides.

    A crank on the case rear side activates the music movement. Music storage: pinned wooden barrel.