Barrel Organs

Street organ “Cuculus”

    Street organ “Cuculus”


    Circa 1990

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, glass, plastic, paper; casting, woodwork, lathing, woodcarving

    60 x 47 x 107 cm, 32 kg

    On the case front side: “CUCULUS”


    Street organ in wooden black varnished case slotted ornament on the background of golden plates with a mirror coating, on a pedestal with the corner feet. A slotted inscription "CUCULUS" is on the pedestal front central part. Slotted images of girls with lyres are on the lateral sides. Slotted floral ornament is on the façade bottom part. Thirteen metal golden piccolo pipes with black cover plugs on green background are in the open window. Chiseled columns are on both sides. A hinged panel and a hinged lid decorated with slotted ornament  are closed with golden plates from inside. Polished carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Slotted images of girls with lyres over golden background are above.
    The organ is mounted on a trolley with slotted ornament on the rim, wooden handle, leaf springs, and wooden wheels with a metal rim. Paper music rolls in cylindrical green plastic cases with lids are in the box with handle. Six paper music rolls are in the set. Music media: paper music roll.