Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    Germany, Berlin


    Holl & Jordan - organ; Bacigalupo-Söhne - pinned barrel

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, canvas; casting, woodwork, lathing, marquetry, painting

    60 x 37 x 62 cm, 30 kg

    On the case front side: “Holl & Jordan LANGENBECKSTR 13 Berlin”, on the blank: “Bacigalupo – Söhne, Orgelfabrik”, “Berlin N 58, Schönhauser Allee No. 74a.”, “Fernsprecher: 44 72 23”, “Programm”. Numbered list of tunes in German: “1. Ave Maria Präludium”, “2. La Paloma Walzer”, “3. Wien bleibt Wien Marsch”, “4. Künstlerleben Walzer”, “5. Aus der Jugendzeit Volkslied”, “6. Heideröslein Tango”, “7. Anneliese Foxtrott”, “8. Es fuhr ein Seemann hinaus Tango”, “9.”.На рейке: “FREDY KÜNZLE”, “MECH. MUSIKMUSEUM”, “ZUR FROHBURG”, “TEL. 074 17 37 66”. На наклейках: “Berner Altstadt-Festival”, “4.+5. September 1999”, “Sponsoring: Peter Gaffuri AG, Kornhausplatz 7. Bern/ Kramer Siebdruck, Libellenweg 10, Bern”


    Street organ in wooden case, on a pedestal with curved feet with brass onlays on the side ribs. The lateral and rear sides are veneered walnut wood and varnished. Dark brown colour ornament of curls, flowers and leaves in the marquetry technique is on the pedestal front side. Dark brown panel with four windows in golden frames closes the façade that is ornated with a triple compound frame and painted canvas images. Yellow nasturtiums and violets on a bluish-lilac background are in the vertical windows. A genre scene with an organ grinder surrounded by children is in the upper horizontal window. A landscape with a town and a lake in the foreground are in the bottom window. The inscription is below “Holl & Jordan LANGENBECKSTR 13 Berlin”. A removable pinned barrel lid with an aperture for the axis are two register sliders’ tips with leather loops are on the right hand side. A crank in the shape of an anchor that raises and lowers the keyframe into the operating position is on the left hand side. Knife and bolt mechanism is below. Two lids with hook locks are on the top panel. A set of wooden flue and trumpet pipes is under the front lid. Branded blank with type written list of melodies is on the back lid inner side. Pinned barrel with eight melodies and keyframe with thirty –five keys according to the number of basic tunes, notes’ names in German and inscription are under the back lid. With the keyframe raised, the barrel can be moved along the axis and set to one of fixed positions according to the selected melody. A metal crank with wooden handle is on the rear side.  As the crank is moved, the worm gear rotates the barrel and drives the bellows that inject air into the wind chest with valves. Pins and bridges on the lift the keys that open the valves of the corresponding pipes. The air from the wind chest enters the pipes and make them sound.
    The organ is mounted on a cart with wooden handle, flat springs and wooden wheels with metal rim. Music media: pinned barrel.