Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    Germany, Bremen

    The 1950s

    Wilhelm Freidrich Holl, A. Holl & Sohn

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, paper; casting, carpentry, lathing, painting, colouring

    94 х 50 х 115 cm, 40 kg

    On the front side: “W.F. Holl Orgelbaüer Bremen 11”. On the label: “Wilh. Holl, vorm. A.Holl & Sohn. Orgelbau”, “Gegr. 1888 Berlin”, “BREMEN 1”, “Telefon 23991 443852”, “Quintschlag 59”, “Programm”; numbered list of tunes in German


    Street organ in wooden case, on a pedestal with ornately shaped feet, with brass onlays. Lateral and rear sides are painted with yellow paint. Painted landscape with boats and palm trees on the lakeshore is on the pedestal front side. Four windows are on the front panel. Two vertical and one horizontal windows in the figured frames are covered with red colour fabric with colorful images of palm trees, clouds, solar disks, sailing boat. Central bottom window is closed with a plaque covered with embossed fabric. The inscription in black is below "W.F. Holl Orgelbaüer Bremen 11”. Removable barrel lid with an aperture for the axis and two sliders are on the right side. A crank in the form of an anchor, which raises and lowers the key frame in the working position, is on the right side. The barrel knife and bolt mechanism is below. Two lids with hook locks are on the top panel. A set of flue and trumpet wooden pipes is visible under the front lid. A sticker with printed list of tunes is on the rear lid inner surface. Pinned barrel for eight tunes and a key frame with thirty keys, according to the number of basic tones are under the lid. With the key frame raised, the barrel can be set in one of eight positions according to the selected melody. Metal crank with wooden handle is on the rear side.

    When the crank is rotated, the worm gear rotates the barrel, and the crank gear drives the working bellows that are blowing air into the wind chest with valves, distributing the compressed air between the pipes. Pins and brackets on the pinned barrel raise the keys that open the valves of the respective pipes; the air from wind chest enters the pipes and makes them sound.

    The organ is mounted on a cart with wooden handle, shock absorbers, wooden wheels with metal rims and box. Music media: pinned barrel.