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Street organ "Theo Heiniger"

    Street organ "Theo Heiniger"



    Theo Heiniger (organ builder)

    Wood, metal, alloy, steel, leather, plastic, paper; casting, carpentry, lathe, painting, colouring

    71 х 42 х 64 cm, 33.5 kg

    On case facade: “Theo Heiniger”, on the sticker: “Theo Heiniger 6403 Küssnacht am Rigi Switzerland”, “N 00006”, “Dreh Orgelbau”


    Street organ "Theo Heiniger" in wooden case, on low plinth with feet, painted blue and navy colors with yellow stripes and images of flowers and leaves, with the arcuate finial. Three niches in blue figured frames with sixteen wooden pipes, closed on the inner side by blue walls are on the front panel. The inscription "Theo Heiniger" is in the bottom. Folding curly carrying handles and rectangular windows in the frames, covered with a mesh cloth are on the lateral sides. Metal crank with wooden handle is to the left. Lid on two curly onlay gate hinges with a chain-stopper. A sticker with three-fields label in purple frames, numbered "N 00006" and inscriptions in gothic print: "Theo Heiniger 6403 Küssnacht am Rigi Switzerland", "Dreh Orgelbau" is on the lid inner surface. A drive mechanism with cylindrical pressure rollers with grooves, two rubber pressure rollers, black rewind handle and white paper perforated roll are under the lid. Flue wooden pipes are inside the case.

    Music media: paper music roll.