Barrel Organs

Portable organ “Harmonipan Hofbauer”

    Portable organ “Harmonipan Hofbauer”

    Germany, Gottingen


    Hofbauer Carl Heinz Orgelbau

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, plexiglas, suede; casting, carpentry, lathe, marquetry, varnishing

    50 х 37 х 70 cm, 23.7 kg

    On the case front side: “Harmonipan”, “Hofbauer Gottingen”


     Portable organ in rectangular wooden case on pedestal with feet, Karelian birch veneered with ornament in marquetry technique, a hinged lid with hook locks, with brass figured onlays on the side ribs. Golden colour inscription in the frame is on the front side: "Harmonipan Hofbauer Gottingen", musical instruments, notes, flowers and leaves in marquetry technique are depicted on the plinth. Two rows of flue pipes are on the facade: thirteen wooden pipes with black plugs are in the first row, they are followed by a row of metal pipes. Floral and foliate ornament and nickel-plated carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Sealed chamber of the roll drive mechanism, closed with plexiglas lid with suitcase lock, two-stages pulley with driving circular cross section, crank with a rod, driving bellows in the working position, and a corrugated air duct are under the top lid. Metal crank with wooden handle and knockoff nut fastening, a handle for rewinding paper rolls and two knobs are on the rear side. Flue wooden pipes are inside the case.

    Twenty tunes’ movement is activated by a crank, the working bellows are pumping air into the system. The driving mechanism with the paper roll comes into motion. When apertures in the paper roll and in the tracker bar match, the air is directed to the corresponding barrel and makes it sound. Music media: perforated paper roll.