Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    Germany, Waldkirch

    Circa 1950

    Carl Frei & Sohn

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather; casting, woodworks, lathing, colouring, painting

    70 х 42 х 72 cm

    On case facade: “Carl Frei u. Sohn Waldkirch i. ‘Bresgau”. Circle-wise letters on the top panel: “MP”


    The body of the organ is wooden, on the plinth, painted red, with feet and floral ornament. A hinged-up front blue and yellow shades panel, with painted sea view with a sailing ship flying along the waves. A set of wooden flue tubes is behind it. The inscription is above "Carl Frei u. Sohn 'Waldkirch i. 'Bresgau'. The carrying handles are on the lateral sides’ top, folding shelves on the hooks for folded cardboard book music are on the bottom part. The image of Berlin coat of arms in the form of a shield with a standing bear under the crown is on the right lateral side, the image of the donkey's head is on the left side. Images of flowers on white background in blue and white frames are on the top panel, Latin letters "MP" in the circle are in the center, small rectangular aperture closed with a lid with lock, is on the right side. Metal crank with a wooden handle and belt drive are on the rear side, decorated with floral ornamentation.

    Music media: folded cardboard book-music.