Barrel Organs

Street organ “Hofbauer”

    Street organ “Hofbauer”

    Germany, Gottingen

    Circa 1980

    Hofbauer Carl Heinz Orgelbau

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, mirror, plexiglas; casting, woodworks, lathing, painting

    110 x 55 x 119 cm, 90 kg

    On medal squeezes - image of the Charlottenburg Palace and circle-wise inscription: "* 2 - 5 Juli 1981 * Internationales Drehorgelfest Berlin". On painted images: "J. Bakken"


    Street organ "Hofbauer" in wooden case, on the pedestal with feet, maple wood veneered, with two hinged lids, with three curly hitches and hook locks, with brass onlays on the side ribs. Brass medals’ imprints and a relief cast onlay are on the pedestal. Removable panel in metal frame with four windows is on the case front panel. Painted images of street flower girls with the artist's name "J. Bakken" are in vertical oval windows. Mirror is in the horizontal window. Sixteen metal piccolo golden colour pipes with black plugs are in the open window. Cast polished handles for carrying are on the lateral sides. Four protruding sliders’ ends with leather loops are on the right side; a handle and a button for rewinding paper music roll are on the left side.

    The organ is mounted on brown trolley with a box, a wooden handle, a horn with rubber bulb, a mug for money, shock absorbers and wooden wheels with metal rims.
    Music media: music paper roll.