Phonograph “Pathé Coq” with two sound boxes, horn and key in fitted suitcase

    Phonograph “Pathé Coq” with two sound boxes, horn and key in fitted suitcase

    France, Paris

    Circa 1906

    Compagnie générale de phonographes, cinématographes et appareils de précision Pathé

    Steel copper alloys, wood, leather, mica, fabric (velvet, satin), cardboard, aluminum alloy; mechanical works, cardboard works, embossing, lining, galvanic coating, polishing, presswork

    17 x 44.5 x 35.5 cm, 10 kg

    On the sound box: "REPRODUCER", the engraved mark on the mechanism mounting plate in the shape of a rooster standing beside a phonograph and the inscription "MARQUE DÉPOSÉE", framed by an egg-shaped outline. The serial number below – 2747


    Phonograph set is housed in the wooden suitcase pasted with fine black leather suitcase. The suitcase lid is locked with a mortise lock and two latch hinges. The handle-bracket is fixed on ornately shaped onlay. The fittings are made of copper alloy. The suitcase flat end sides, lid the lid perimeter are embossed with floral patterns. The suitcase inner space is divided into compartments pasted with emerald-coloured velvet.

    Green satin cushion is on the lid inner side. The set components are housed in particular compartments. The phonograph mechanism mounted on a flat, nickel-plated plate screwed with shock-absorbers to the support. Drive mechanism with spring motor, brake and centrifugal speed regulator is on the mounting plate right side. The mechanism is mounted between two vertical nickel-plated frame plates connected by threaded sleeves. The horizontal axis, on which the spindle that carries the wax phonograph cylinder with the standard-sized sound recording, rotates to the left. A hollow tube through which the sound box carriage slides is behind the spindle. Leadscrew nut that moves the carriage during playback is inside the tube. Guide rod on which the carriage guide fork rests is below. A unit for connecting the sound box and horn is on the carriage top side. The box is lowered to the working position by a lever on the carriage rear side. A bolster for the horn docking is on the unit top side. The polished conical horn is made of aluminium.

    The knurled handle for the spindle speed regulator is on the mechanism right-hand plate. The activating lever is above.

    The trademark in the form of a rooster standing next to phonograph and the inscription "MARQUE DÉPOSÉE", is engraved next to it.

    The phonograph comes together with a playback and recording sound boxes. The playback box is labelled "REPRODUCER". The boxes are stored in the cardboard case pasted with blue paper. Ten phonograph cylinders in round cardboard cases are placed in the suitcase far part.
    Two sound boxes, horn, winding key, suitcase, ten wax cylinders in cardboard boxes are in the set.