Gramophone Thorens No 238 “Orient” with sound box, two keys, dust brush and winding crank

    Gramophone Thorens No 238 “Orient” with sound box, two keys, dust brush and winding crank

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1914


    Wood, metal, mica, fur, felt; mechanical and carpentry works, polishing, casting, nickel-plating, decalcomania

    31.5 x 38.5 x 43 cm, 10 kg

    On the sound box: "*CHRISTOP*CONCERT SOUND BOX". Anchor shaped mark is on the cantilever bracket.


    Rectangular polished mahogany case is mounted on a wide, profiled socle standing on low corner feet. Vertical corners are decorated with pilasters. The gramophone mechanism is mounted on wide top panel with ornately shaped moulding. The top panel is hinged to provide access to the motor. Hollow hinged lid from above covers the mechanism. The lid top and front sides are decorated with geometric and floral patterns realized in decalcomania technique.
    Wooden carrying handles are on the case sides. Two hinged doors with round, ornately shaped cast knobs, close the case front side. The top lid and doors are locked. Rectangular white tin inner horn is behind the doors. Cast mounting disc covered in green felt is in the load-bearing panel center. The disc is put on the conical motor spindle mounted under the panel. A pivoting spring brake is fixed on the disc left side. The speed regulator with round crank and blued pointer hand are to the left from the disc. Round nickel-plated scale with graduations and numerals from 70 to 105 rpm is placed under the crank. A flanged bolster that merges into the horn toe-end. Tubular, nickel-plated tapered tone-arm rotates in the bolster. The tonearm toe-end is connects to the sound box with the curved sleeve. A mica diaphragm is attached to the nickel-plated circular sound box housing; the cantilever is glued in the center. The lever is fixed on the bracket adorned with an anchor brand mark. Sound box, brush, two keys and winding crank are in the set.