Gramophone with “Bombardon” horn, stand, sound box and key “Bombardon” gramophone, with pedestal, sound box and key

    Gramophone with “Bombardon” horn, stand, sound box and key “Bombardon” gramophone, with pedestal, sound box and key

    Sweden, St. Croix

    Circa 1910

    Paillard & Co

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, cloth, mica, felt; carpentry works, mechanical works, carving, casting

    Gramophone 39 x 48 x 48 cm, stand 92 x 50 x 49 cm, 22 kg (gramophone), 15 kg (stand)

    On the diaphragm: "MAESTROPHONE REPRODUCER", "GRAND PRIX, MILAN 1906", on the disc bottom side: "139HT" ?


    Gramophone, designed to play records, is mounted in the case made of oak, on a protruding stepped profile base with carved Ionic ornament, with protruding moulding and ornately shaped curved vertical ribs. Cast chassis, a cast disc for records covered with brown felt, with spring drive is fixed on the upper panel. Ornately shaped black bracket with goldish relief in the shape of an oak tree branch with leaves and acorns, with conical tone-arm, a sound box with needle and large gold-plated brass Bombardon-type horn is fixed on the rear side.

    A cup with felt for a needle in nonoperating position is on the rear side to the left, speed adjustment scale with the numerals from 77 to 105 with a hand, is on the rear side to the right, the disc brake lever is on the rear left side. Spring winding crank cavity with metal onlay is on the right lateral panel. The cantilever is fixed on a T-shape support with two regulating screws in the sound box case bottom part. The gramophone is mounted on the pedestal on a protruding ornately shaped base and with protruding moulding with carved Ionic ornament, with a pullout drawer with an arc-shaped handle and paneled door. The door with ornately shaped onlay, a lock and a handle. Two horizontal shelves for storing records are inside the pedestal.

    When a record is put on the disc, the spring is wound and the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the record sound track, transmits mechanical vibrations to the mica diaphragm, which converts them into sound amplified by the horn.

    The stand, horn, sound box with the needle are in the set.

    Music storage: gramophone record.