Edison Home Phonograph Model D

    Edison Home Phonograph Model D

    USA, Orange, New Jersey


    Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated

    Wood (oak), metal, suede; casting, decalcomania

    55 х 57 х 100 сm

    On the case: “Edison Home Phonograph”, on the housing: “Trade Mark Thomas A. Edison”; on the nameplate: “MANUFACTURED UNDER THE PATENTS OF THOMAS A. EDISON, at als, at Orange, N.J., U.S.A. MAY 8, 1888, JUL.31,1888, NOV. 27,1888, DEC. 4, 1888, FEB. 5,1889, APR. 2, 1889, NOV.12,1889, JUN.17,1890, SEP. 30, 1890, MAR. 24,1891, APR. 21, 1891, JUN. 30, 1891, DEC.29,1891, OCT. 16, 1892, JUN. 20,1893, JAN.23, 1894, MAY 31, 1898. JUN.26, 1900, (Re-Issued SEPT.25,1900.) AUG.7,1900, OCT. 8, 1901, DEC.31,1901, NOV.17,1903. Other Patents Pending. This Machine is sold upon the condition that it is licensed to be used or vended only so long as this serial number H170372 is not removed or changed, in whole or in part, and that every possessor of this machine admits the validity of the above enumerated patents”. On the sound box: “LICENSED FOR USE ONLY ON EDISON PHONOGRAPHS SOLD BY THOMAS A. EDISON, INC. 27769”


    Phonograph, designed to play 4-minutes cylinders in a solid oak body with a profiled base, with transferred golden ribbon with the words “Edison Home Phonograph” and locks for fastening the lid. The lid of semicircular shape with the handle. An aperture and a handle for the spring winding are on the right side. The mechanism-supporting panel is fixed on the case top side.

    The spring motor is installed on the panel bottom part. The spring motor is mounted on its top. The motor housing serving as the cylinder and the carriage with a sound box drive mechanisms’ bracket.

    The nameplate with the patents dates and the manufacturer’s trademark are on the housing. Metal horn consists of two parts, connected by a ring with a locking hook - S-shaped sound duct and horn. Black horn in the form of a flower with eleven petals and steel veins. A hinged fastener with a spring and a threaded rod for hanging to the bracket mounted on the case rear surface is mounted on the horn. The sound box with a diaphragm and a needle is connected to the sound duct by a suede tube. The inscriptions and the serial number are on the diaphragm top surface. Music media: 4-minutes roll “Edison Amberol”.