Mechanical Compositions

Musical automaton "Oriental dances"

    Musical automaton "Oriental dances"

    France, Paris, Vannes


    Marie-Madeleine Kaeppelin

    Wood, metal, glass, fabric; sewing, electrical and mechanical work, carpentry

    103 x 70 x 50 cm, 30 kg


    Musical automaton in the form of the stage in wooden case, with glass front panel in black frame, with drapery made of tapestry fabric and backdrop made of carpets and green velvet curtains. The case rear side is decorated with the image of golden stars and crescents. Motion control mechanism, cassette recorder with recorded musical tape, and computer speaker are mounted inside the case. An armchair where a burly oriental governor in turban and colorful clothes sits with a hookah, is on the stage. A tiger's skin and figures of three dancers with raised hands with translucent covers and golden objects are on the forefront; a monkey in a turban with pipe is on the left-hand side. When the automaton is activated, the soundtrack bebins to reproduce music, the dancers perform the “belly dance”, the governor's belly rises and falls, his  eyes move, the monkey moves its upper body and head.