Mechanical Compositions

Musical automaton

    Musical automaton

    Circa 1850

    Wood, metal, glass, papier-mache, paper; painting, mechanical work

    41 x 54 x 20.5 cm

    On the stickers: “Changer”, “Jouer”, “Poud remonter lite Bocowgu”


    Volumetric composition is mounted under oval glass cap and  fixed on the oval base, decorated with black lacquer, with a strip of red velvet around the perimeter. Buildings on the shore of water reservoir, sailing boat and sky are painted on the hood rear surface, stickers with explanatory inscriptions are on the reverse side. In the foreground: a watchtower with patrols on the right, the automaton - a three-masted ship on bright blue waves, is on the left. Two figures meeting the horseman and the horsewoman are in front of the tower. The automaton driving mechanism - a ship swinging in the waves, a patrol on the tower top moving full-circle, is mounted in the base. Musical movement with a spring motor, a sound comb and  pinned metal cylinder with two tunes is mouned in the base as well. The mechanism is winded by the cord and activated by a pull-out button on the base right side.