Mechanical Compositions

Automaton "In the Circus"

    Automaton "In the Circus"

    France, Paris, Vannes


    Marie-Madeleine Kaeppelin

    Wood, metal, steel, glass; sewing, mechanical work and carpentry

    100 x 50 x 70 cm, 25 kg


    Automaton in wooden case, with glass front panel in red frame, with burgundy backstage and black velvet backdrop. Semi-circular arena hanging on the ropes, with railings on the sides is in the case. Three figures are in the arena: a harlequin in the suit of colored foil, a goat on the hind legs, on the stand of colored paper with bells on the front hooves and a monkey with barbell in its hands, in conical cap, with necklace on the neck, fluffy red skirt. The musical instruments are nearby: trumpet, saxophone, mandolin and drum with sticks. A network cable output with a switch and a two-pole black plug is on the rear side. When the automaton is turned on, the goat rotates, its legs move, bells ring, the harlequin's hands move with a wand and tambourine, the monkey squats, raises and lowers the barbell.