Mechanical Compositions

Musical picture hour chime wall clock

    Musical picture hour chime wall clock


    circa 1840

    Canvas, enamel, wood, metal; painting, enamel, mechanical work

    91 x 107 cm

    On the musical movement: “967”


    Musical picture-clock is a combination of a painted image and a clock, the dial is a part of the plot. The picture in wooden frame is connected to a wooden case in which clockwork and musical movements are placed. An aperture for winding the movements is on the case right side. The canvas depicts a sunny summer day landscape. In the aperture on the canvas with the image of the clock tower, one can see white enamel dial with hours’ designation by the Roman numerals, minutes’ divisions and two black hands. The clock movement is pendulum, with lever escapement and hour chime on two gongs. Musical movement with cylinder, sound comb and spring motor. The clock chime and music movement are turned on or off by buttons on the case underside.