Mechanical Compositions

Musical picture clock

    Musical picture clock

    Austria-Hungary, Prague

    second half of the 19th century

    Karl Suchy - clock; J. Kraupa - picture; Willenbacher & Rzebitschik - musical movement

    Metal, golden leaf; painting, gilding

    84 x 70 cm

    Inscriptions inside the case: "KARL SUCHY/PRAG/1652"; "WILLENBACHER & RZEBITSCHEK IN PRAG/540/8558"

    Oil painted metal sheet with Mephistopheles and Faust playing chess. Two columns with pedestals decorated by two snakes with woven tails in the shape of an arch serve as the composition background. A balustrade is behind them, an arch with the image of an angel is in the center. Circular clock in the gilded rim is fixed in the same place where the woven snakes lie. Black dial with golden Roman numerals and two hands.

    The picture is in wooden frame, covered with gold leaf and decorated with bundles along the perimeter.

    Pendulum clock movement with three spring motors and quarter chime on two gongs.