Mechanical Compositions

Musical picture clock with automaton

    Musical picture clock with automaton


    circa 1850

    Canvas, wood, gold leaf, brass, enamel, steel; oil painting, gilding, carpentry

    100 x 17 x 80 cm, 12 kg


    Musical picture with clock is a combination of a painted image and a clock, the clock face being a part of the plot. The picture is in wooden, covered with gold leaf frame ornated with ovoid pattern. The picture is covered by glass with black frame and patterns. The frame is joined with wooden case by hooks-fasteners. The clock, control and musical mechanisms are installed in the case.

    An aperture for the mechanisms winding is on the right side. Two buttons are on the bottom side. The canvas depicts a clear summer day landscape. A group of buildings, a church with a clock tower, tall trees are on the left-hand side. The scenes of the everyday life of the inhabitants are on the forefront: two people talking on the road, a cow, for pets and birds. White enamel clock dial is visible through the aperture in the canvas with the clock tower image. The mechanism of the clock is pendulum, with lever escapement and an hour chime. The musical movement with music paper roll, sound comb and spring motor. The clock chime and music movement are activated with buttons on the case bottom..