Mechanical Compositions

Music picture with a clock

    Music picture with a clock


    circa 1839

    Canvas, wood, gold leaf, metal, gesso; oil painting

    69 x 80 cm

    On music movement: "Ducommun-Girod; 5823"


    Canvas with oil painting of archaic landscape with river, buildings and tower. A stone towering terrace with a strolling young couple is in the foreground. A tower is on the right side, a clock is incorporated in the top part. The clock movement is with half and hour strike, lever escapement and two spring motors. The dial is white, with black Roman numerals graduations and two metal hands. Cylinder music movement for 110 tunes and paper labels with handwritten inscriptions are inside the case. The picture is inserted in wooden, rectangular frame, covered with gold leaf and decorated with floral motifs and ornament in the form of curls.