Mechanical Compositions

Music automaton

    Music automaton

    Wood, metal, glass, paper; painting, papier-mâché

    Height - 53 cm

    Automaton is performed in the form of diorama. A multifigured composition is standing on the wooden black oval-shaped base.

    A group of horsemen on the bridge is in the central part, a medieval fortress with a mill and a water wheel is on the right , is a watchtower is on the left, the bottom part features a small ship.

    The movement imitates a ship rocking on the waves, simultaneously a guard in the fortress watchtower comes into motion, the water wheel rotates, the horsemen are moving along the bridge.

    The automaton is covered with glass cover, the internal surface of which features a background painting.

    The movement is placed inside the base, comprised of a music comb and a cylinder for two tunes.