Mechanical Compositions

Music picture

    Music picture



    Wood, metal, fabric (velvet), beads; carving, painting

    70 х 37 х 81 cm, 11 kg


    Music picture with 12 moving figures depicts a scene of a masquerade ball. It is mounted in a wooden rectangular frame, painted gold, decorated with bas-relief onlays with floral ornaments along the perimeter. Two curly metal handles for the movement winding are on the right side of the fame, a round handle for starting is between them. Two silk tassels of golden and blue colours are on both sides of the music picture. A metal rod is fixed on the top surface of the frame. A golden onlay in the form of a sun with a masque is on its end, two figures in masques are on the sides, a doll playing a drum is on the left, a doll playing a trumpet – on the right. The inner surface of the frame is decorated with a nacreous burgundy silk that symbolizes the curtain. The picture surface is covered with light beige and green paper with the image of a ballroom with curtains, vases, lamps and columns on the sides. The floor is finished with a walnut veneer. A chandelier with three dome lamps in the form of flowers with candles, decorated with transparent beads is in the ceiling. A doll without a masque in golden costume hangs on the chandelier. All dolls are dressed in bright carnival costumes, with painted facial masques and painted shoes on their feet. When the movement is turned on, the sun moves to the sides, and the figures on both sides are imitating playing musical instruments. The dolls on the stage move their hands. One doll on the foreground peeps out from behind the curtain and hides. At the same time, another doll appears from behind the pillars.