Automaton "Writing gentleman"

    Automaton "Writing gentleman"



    BRUSSAUX Rosane, Maison JAF

    Fabric, wood, plexiglass, brass, leather, steel, papier-mache; mechanical and carpentry work, electrical work, sewing

    140 x 78 x 78 cm


    Automaton in the form of a young man figure, dressed in dark frock coat, colored vest, cream color shirt with band-collar collar, frill and lace cuffs, light pants with stripes, sitting in armchair next oval table covered with dark golden color tablecloth. Blond hair wig is on his head, wire spectacle frame without glass is on his nose, and red scarf is tied around his neck. Reddish eyebrows are painted on his face, eyes are not depicted. A ballpoint pen in the form of goose feather is fixed in his right hand; his left hand is on the knee. Rectangular panel covered with brown leather with golden embossment is mounted in the table centre. Two narrow apertures are cut in the panel. Paper tape passes through those apertures and the hand with the pen writes inscriptions on it.

    The armchair and the table are fixed on wooden stand which lateral sides that covered with detachable panels. The stand top is covered with olive color fleecy rug. Automaton power control unit is inside the stand. The automaton movement is comprised of a set of cam discs, the pattern of which sets the automaton parts path of movements. The discs are mounted on the shaft of worm gear driven by single-phase AC motor. Cam discs control the automaton head and right hand movements by means of rods and levers system. Paper tape rewinding mechanism is on table top upper side. The tape is moved by a system of cylinders driven by low-powered geared engine. When the power is turned on, the automaton head turns to the right, left and down, the hand writes the inscription “Goussonville”. When the cycle is finished, the paper tape moves forward and blank part appears. The mechanism is powered by be powered by the alternating current mains with 220 voltage. The automaton is covered with protective dome-shaped transparent plexiglass cover.

    The French shop front fitter, designer and decorator Madame Rosane Brussaux that adorned and animated the windows of the cosmetics company “ROGET et GALLET” stores, created this automaton among the others in 1965 for the exhibition of automata. The exhibition took place in the town of Coussonville in 1968. Madame Brussaux was the creator and decorator of showcases for “ROGER et GALLET” in the 1950-1960s. Together with her assistant Joseph Migotto, she invented, designed and created these automata. These automata movements were made with the assistance of specialists from JAF (the House of Vichy and Triboulet successors).