Musical automaton "Mexican man smoking"

    Musical automaton "Mexican man smoking"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1890

    Roullet & Decamps

    Papier mache, metal, fabric, ivory; sewing, painting, mechanical work

    Height 69 cm, 7 kg

    On the key: "13"


    MMusical automaton in the form of a dark skinned smoking man standing on the flat base with rounded corners. The base is pasted over with dark red embossed velvet. The man is dressed in the folk costume comprised of a figaro jacket, short trousers, pale pink silk shirt with round collar and a sombrero hat. His jacket and pantaloons are of blue satin and embroidered with patterns of metallic and pink braid. The belt is a pink scarf with golden fringe. The underside of the sombrero, decorated with metal ribbon, is of pink satin, the brim top surface is black, blue crown is girded with pink ribbon. Blue satin shoes and yellow satin gaiters are on his feet. The hands and head are of papier-mâché and painted black, the glass eyes are brown, black curly wig is on the head. Round metal earrings are in the ears. The smoker is holding an ivory mouthpiece in his right hand.
    A keyhole and start/stop button are on the figure’s right side. When the movement is activated, the man’s head turns from side to side and bends, his right hand brings the mouthpiece to the lips, the smoker seems to be inhaling, the hand drops. The actions are accompanied by the sounds of musical movement with sound comb and cylinder for two tunes.