Musical automaton "Accordeo-boy"

    Musical automaton "Accordeo-boy"

    France, Paris, Camerano


    J. Bodson (automaton); Giorgini Eugen (accordion)

    Wood, metal, leather, papier-mâché; mechanical work and carpentry, casting, electrical work

    187 x 142 x 100 cm, weight 250 kg

    On the drum front side: “ACCORDEO - BOY / J. BODSON”. On the nameplates near control buttons: “RETOUR / TEMPO / MISE EN MARCHE”


    The automaton is mounted on the stepped pedestal - the figure of a young man with an accordion in his hands. The musician is wearing black trousers, black boots, pink pinstriped shirt, a bow tie and a boater hat. His head and hands are made of papier-mâché and painted. Three fingers on the right hand and two fingers on the left are movable. The musician is life-like portrait of the famous French singer Maurice Chevalier. Percussion instruments are fixed on the bottom step of the pedestal - bass-drum and stringed drum, a cymbal and two wooden blocks. Cash drawer with the glazed door and metal onlay above the coin selector is on the left side. The drawer is key-locked. The surfaces of two top steps of the pedestal are glued with synthetic material imitating leather. Driving mechanism and shelf for exchangeable paper music rolls are inside the top step. The access to them is from the rear side. The automaton is driven by electric drive, connected to electric power system by stranded wire with two-pin plug.
    After dropping a coin, the automaton is activated - the accordion and percussion instruments sound, the musician’s fingers and hands move, his head turns, his eyes look from side to side, eyebrows rise and descend, and his mouth opens slightly. Music and movements are encoded on a paper roll reeled on a spool. A key for the cash drawer and several coins are in the set.