Mechanical scale model "The Village of all trades"

    Mechanical scale model "The Village of all trades"


    The 1900s

    Henrick Pallesen

    Wood, metal, fabric, leather; wood carving, painting, mechanical work

    542 x 145 cm

    Inscriptions on signboards: "NO FISHING ALLOWED ON SUNDAY", "CIRCUS", "STATION", "MELLINGER LUMBER CO". On the ship stern: "GREAT-HAPPY"


    The scale model consists of six sections, located on two levels with two shafts driven by electric motors. Workshops and separate  groups of masters who carry out various work processes are placed in sections of the lower level from the left to the right. The following scenes and personalities are on the first floor of a four-storeyed house and its wing: a smithery with blacksmith, a farrier shoving a horse, logging, a shooter with gun, a house with terrace and lady sitting in the rocking chair and reading a book on the porch, a grinder with a scythe, a haymaker, a peasant feeding two geese, water pump, policeman with a club, watching the criminal serving a penalty, a sawmill with the inscription “MELLINGER LUMBER CO”, a painter, a fisherman and a pond with a rower in the boat, a water mill. On the top level (from the left to the right): a church, dancing floor, a bar, relaxing couple on the bench, a pile draining engine, a group of dark-skinned men and women, washing clothes, a magician with boa constrictor, a scene with four musicians and two equilibrists, a circus, a railway station and railway fragment with a trolley on a castle background, lighthouses, sailing ship and windmill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           When the scale model is activated, all figures and mechanisms come into motion.