Musical automaton "L'Acrobat"

    Musical automaton "L'Acrobat"

    France, Paris

    circa 1910

    Roullet & Decamps

    Porcelain, paper, wood, fabric (chiffon, velvet); painting

    63 х 18 х 17 cm, 1 kg


    Automaton is a figure of a girl standing on a stand and holding a chair on her nose. The wooden chair is painted gray with floral ornaments. The wooden stand with four round metal feet is covered with red velvet. The girl is dressed in light pink chiffon dress, the hem, cuffs and collar of which are decorated with white lace frills, velvet coral-colored belt around the waist. The head is adorned with velvet rim of the same colour as the belt. She is wearing white lace socks with floral motifs and shoes with bows on toes of the same colour as the dress. The head is made of porcelain, the hands are papier-mache.

    The musical movement is hidden inside the stand, started with a key on the rear side and activated by a lever on the top surface of the stand. A drawer with a handle-ring is to the right. When the melody starts playing the girl performs an acrobatic exercise with rotating chair on the nose tip.