Automaton "Pierrot writing to Colombine"

    Automaton "Pierrot writing to Colombine"

    France, Paris


    Vichy, Gustave

    Wood, porcelain, metal, fabric, glass; sewing, woodworks, mechanical works

    70 х 53 х 35 cm

    In the letter: "Paris le 30 juillet 1880”, “Ma chére Columbine!...”. Manufacturer's warranty on the lamp


    Automaton in the form of a figure of Pierrot, sitting on a chair at the table, is mounted on wooden mahogany stand. A table with curved legs, the seat is covered with dark red velvet. The unfinished letter lies on the table with green felt insert and metal frame. Kerosene lamp is on the left-hand side. Pierrot face is painted, eyes with moving eyelids, hat with a velvet ribbon and pompons is on his light hair. He is dressed in white silk suit with red pompons, shirt with guipure collar and cuffs, socks and black leather shoes are on his feet. Pierrot holds goose-quill in his right hand, he leans his left hand on the tabletop.

    Musical movement with the sound comb, pinned cylinder for two tunes, spring drive and control mechanism are fitted in the trunk, with winding key and on / off lever on the left side. The wick is lifted with the help of levers located under the tabletop.

    When the movement is switched on, the music sounds, Pierrot raises and lowers his head, the goose-quill in his right hand moves along the lines of the letter under the light of the lamp, then his eyelids go down, he seems to be asleep, the lamp goes out. He opens his eyes, sees that the lamp has gone out, lowers his left hand to pick up the wick, the lamp is lit again, he turns his head, moves his eyelids and continues to write.