Musical automaton "Girl holding doll and rattle"

    Musical automaton "Girl holding doll and rattle"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1900

    Simon & Halbig, Lambert, Léopold

    Porcelain, fabric, bamboo, metal, lace, ivory, papier- mache; sewing, woodwork, casting, painting

    Height 50 cm

    On the key: “LB”; on nape: “DEP”, “SH”; on oval stamp: “WIMPERN… OF SCHMUTZN”


    Musical automaton in the form of a girl’s figure sitting on bamboo chair with wicker seat; fixed on wooden rectangular stand covered with Bordeaux velvet fabric with lace and tassels. The girl has ruddy cheeks, blue eyes with thick eyelashes, she is wearing earrings, flat hat with lace, has long blond hair, her mouth is half-open, her teeth are visible. She is dressed in long light-blue silk dress with embroidery, decorated with bow, shuttlecock, lace and beads. Her underwear is with lace, she is wearing knitted cream-coloured sock; gray satin shoes with white bows are on her feet. The girl is holding a doll in pink satin dress with lace in her left hand and ivory rattle with ribbons and bells --in her left hand.

    Musical movement with sound comb, pinned metal cylinder and spring drive is mounted in the stand, with winding key and activating button on the rear side. When the movement is turned on, music sounds, the girl raises and lowers her left hand with the doll that opens and closes its eyes, and her right hand shakes the rattle. Simultaneously, the girl head descends and rises, gently turns to the right and left, eyes open and close.