Musical automaton "Young lady with bird cage"

    Musical automaton "Young lady with bird cage"

    France, Paris


    Vichy, Gustave , Jumeau

    Papier-mache, wood, metal, fabric, lace; sewing, mechanical works, painting, wood works, weaving

    Height 46 cm

    On the nape: "3"


    Automaton is in the form of a girl’s figure standing on three-wheeled green trolley. A mechanism in black metal casing is in its bottom. The spring motor is activated with the authentic key on the left side. The girl has blue eyes, earrings in the ears, red satin ribbon with flower is on her neck. She has curly hair. She is dressed in red dress with bow, corrugated insert, frill and brown collar, with lace trim and red buttons. The underwear is laced. Satin red shoes with red stockings are on her feet. A bunch of flowers is in her right hand and wooden cage with a bird with bright plumage is in her left one. Bisque head and arms.
    When the movement is activated and the key removed, the trolley with the girl moves circle-wise, the girl turns her head, her right hand descends and rises, the cage swings, and simultaneously the horn emits the warning signal.