Musiacl automaton "Girl with surprise basket"

    Musiacl automaton "Girl with surprise basket"

    France, Paris


    Pierre-Francois Jumeau, Vichy, Gustave

    Papier-mache, porcelain, wood, metal, fabric, silk, lace; sewing, wicker work, painting on porcelain,

    Height 56 cm

    On the nape: “Depose E. 6 J.”; on the blank: “2 AIRS”, “Gilette de Vaibonne, chanson”, “Le Coeur j la main, cheur”


    Standing upon a flat velvet-covered base is porcelain-headed girl with blue glass paperweight eyes, beautifully painted facial features, closed mouth, separately applied pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, and having carton torso that conceals her hidden mechanism and musical movement. She is wearing a superb rose silk dress with velvet jacket and velvet crepe-lined bonnet, and carries a large market basket on her right arm that is actually attached to her torso by a hollow metal rod. When key wound, she turns her head from side to side in realistic circular motions, the lid of the basket peeks open to reveal a bird that flits about and "cheeps"; and then the lid closes.

    All movements are accompanied by music. Musical movement with cylinder and sound comb performs two tunes. Blank with handwritten titles of two melodies in French in an artistic vignette is on the stand bottom side.