Musical automaton “Bicyliste Coquette”

    Musical automaton “Bicyliste Coquette”


    Circa 1895

    Roullet & Decamps

    Wood, metal, leather, rubber, fabric (velvet, silk, felt), beads; painting

    34 x 23 x 44 cm, 6 kg


    "Bicyliste Coquette" with unmarked F.G.-type bisque head, closed mouth, fixed blue glass eyes, pierced ears, upswept blonde mohair wig, bisque hands and articulated legs, riding a detailed nickel-plated bicycle with rubber tires and chain-drive pedals, on velvet-covered base painted to suggest a road with moving 'conveyor' belt surface and trellis with fabric flowers, the going-barrel movement playing one tune and causing the cyclist to pedal along the rolling road while looking from left to right, the back wheel driven by the chain, the front wheel by the belt, in original pink brocade cycling outfit, leather boots and felt hat.