Automaton "Duck"

    Automaton "Duck"



    Frédéric Vidoni

    Polished steel, brushed brass, iron, plexiglass, marble; casting

    50 х 40 х 58 сm, 20 kg


    Mechanical duck, on oval pedestal, performs a complex of various movements of the neck and body, and also gathers up steel balls with the beak, swallows them, "digests" and dejects them; at the end of all movements, it blows out the previously ignited flame. With a cage for transportation.

    This automaton is a replica of the famous mechanical duck of Jean de Vaucanson in 1738, was created by watchmaker Frederick Vidoni for the collection of the Automata Museum in Grenoble (France). Duck, created by J. Vokanson, was lost in the second half of the 19th century. According to contemporaries, it could not only quack and move, but it also swam and splashed in the water, straightened its wings and put feathers in order, drank water, pecked the grains, "digesting" them.