Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box

    Musical box

    Wood, metal, glass; marquetry

    44 х 14.5 х 24 cm; cylinder 15.7 х 4.5 cm


    Wooden case is decorated with thin double lines along the perimeter. Two metal screws are on the facade sides. Carved onlay with a keyhole is in the center. An image of a horse in the  marquetry technique is in the center of the lid external side. The case movement is closed by the lid with glass. It can be lifted with a small blue strap. The figures are "35922" are on the cylinder. The crank for the movement winding is on the left side inside the box. Two metal  switches - "changer/repeater" and "arrêter/jouer are on the right side. When the cylinder is rotated the pins cling to the metal comb plates, causing them to oscillate and produce the desired notes. The box range is 43 tunes. Music media: metal cylinder.