Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with cylinder for three tunes

    Musical box with cylinder for three tunes

    Wood (walnut, birch wood), brass, glass, paper, fabric; marquetry, carving

    58.5 х 23 х 27 cm; cylinder 32.9 х 5.5 cm

    Inscriptions on tunes' list: "11094"; on fixing wheel: "1410/19" and "11094/73"


    Wooden curved casket with bevelled corners, with lock and hinged lid. The case is lined with walnut veneer. The casket front side, the lid inner and external surfaces are framed by birch wood frames. The lid upper side and the casket front panel are decorated in the marquetry technique with the images of birch veneer flowers. A paper label with the list of tunes is on the lid inner side. The movement is covered with the hinged lid with glass. A cylinder and three sound combs for 121 tunes are inside. The musical movement is wound with the lever on the case left inner side. Two switches for activating the tunes are inside the case.