Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with cylinder for four tunes

    Musical box with cylinder for four tunes

    Switzerland, Geneva


    Ducommun Girod

    Wood (rosewood, ash wood, birch wood), brass, glass, paper; marquetry

    39 х 13.5 х 17.5 cm; cylinder 20.6 х 4.5 cm

    Inscriptions on the cylinder and tune's list: "2782"


    Wooden rectangular box, with a keyhole, with two lids - the top onу is hinged and the inner one - with glass. The body is decorated imitating wenge wood. The lid is trimmed with rosewood veneer, its center is decorated with floral ornament in marquetry technique, with birch veneer veins on the front side housing and on the lid. Paper label with the list of tunes is on the lid inner side. The musical movement is comprised of the sound comb for 114 tunes.
    The movement is triggered by the lever that is on the right inner side. Two brass switches for activating the tunes are on the left side. Cylinder with four tunes.