Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with pinned cylinder for six tunes

    Musical box with pinned cylinder for six tunes

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    circa 1903

    Mermod Frères

    Wood (mahogany, birch), brass, glass, paper; marquetry

    50.5 x 18 x 24 cm; cylinder 19.2 x 4.8

    Marks: on the sound comb «ST»; On the mounting wheel: "F.P. 1282 b 122161"; on the cylinder: "122161" and "120095"

    Rectangular wooden box on four feet, a keyhole and two lids. The top lid is hinged, the inner one is glazed. The case is painted imitating rosewood. The front side of the case is framed with painted golden veins and floral ornament in the center. The lid top surface is veneered with mahogany, birch veins, and the images of a trumpet, flute and tambourine in the technique of birch marquetry. A paper label with the inscription "Peerless Forte Piccolo" is on the lid internal side. The music movement is covered with a glass lid, a cylinder and a sound comb for 61 tunes are inside. A scale indicating the number of the tune to be played and the inscription "to change/at will" to the left from the cylinder. Two plates with the inscriptions: "Patented Sept. 22. 1885, Dec. 6. 1887, Mai. 8. 1888, D.R.P. 33516 43585" and "Jacot's Patented Safety Check Sept. 22. 1886." are on the right side. The movement is winded with a crank handle on the case right lateral side. A switch with the positions : play and stop for starting and for stopping the tunes is inside the box. The set includes 9 interchangeable numbered cylinders, five paper labels with tunes' lists.
    Cylinder with 6 tunes .