Disc Musical Boxes

Coin operated music box "Symphonion No 25 F "Falstaff"

    Coin operated music box "Symphonion No 25 F "Falstaff"

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1898

    Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke AG

    Wood, metal, steel, brass; mechanical and carpentry work, varnishing, wood carving, casting

    110 x 70 x 50 cm, 50 kg

    Inscriptions: “Einwurf 2 Heller”, “Symphonion”, “1855=13”, “Musik Automat”. On chassis "180141"


    Disc music box is mounted in oval barrel shaped wooden case in metal hoops, fixed on trestles with carved supports. Seated sculptural figure of a laughable character from the works by William Shakespeare and the opera by Giuseppe Verdi, written in 1889, Sir John Falstaff is on the barrel. Sir John Falstaff is a fat, good-natured, chicken-hearted drunkard, in brown leather suit, with jug in his right hand and goblet in his left hand. Boots with spurs and soft cuffs are on his feet, a belt with buckle, sword-blade is in on its left side and red cape is on his shoulders. Gray mustache and beard are on his face, his mouth is half-opened, his are wide-open and greenish, gray hair is combed.

    Winding hole with flower-shaped brass onlay for winding the musical movement is on the right lateral side, door with lock that closes the coin box is beneath. The door with metal shield, with lock, brass plate with coin slot and carved black German inscriptions is on the front side. Rectangular chassis of goldish color on round wooden panel is mounted behind the door. Musical movement with serial number, two sound combs and an axis with the set of star-wheels designed to transfer force from a metal disk pin the sound comb tooth is fixed on the chassis. Vertical clamping rod with rollers and plunger pin at the top point is on the right side, roller for supporting the disc is to the left one.

    When the spring is winded and a coin is dropped, the mechanism is activated, the disc starts to rotate, the pins touch corresponding sprocket wheels, which, in turn, touch the sound comb teeth and a melody sounds. The disc stops automatically. Ten pinned metal discs 30 cm diameter are in the set. Music record is pinned metal disc.


    Инв. 2099.1-2/ММП