Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box «Symphonion Orchestrion Style No 162»

    Disc musical box «Symphonion Orchestrion Style No 162»

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1890

    Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke AG

    Wood, metal, glass, leather; carpentry and mechanical work, casting, chiselling

    95 x 72 x 255 cm, 120 kg

    On musical movement chassis and on the disc latch: “SYMPHONION”; on plastic onlay: “Automáte à musique”


    Disc music box is mounted in vertical rectangular walnut veneered   wooden case. A door with an arched glazed window is its facade. Goldish vignette and the name of the instrument in black and gold - "Symphonion Orchestrion" are painted on the glass. Pilasters with carved onlays are on both sides of the window. A slot for coins with metal onlay is on the right side. Two triangular acoustic windows, closed with openwork carved lattices are above the arch. Narrow slots with onlays surround it; lengthwise lattice is above. Acoustic windows are covered with a red fabric from the inner side. A balustrade with chiselled phials at the corners is above the massive stepped cornice. Rectangular windows closed by openwork metal lattices are on the case lateral sides. Two buttons for turning of the percussion instruments, metal bolsters for the winding crank and keyhole with onlay are on the right side. Two springs falling coin operated motor is mounted inside the case. The parts of the musical mechanism are fixed on vertical deck inside the case, which serves a resonator. Musical mechanism is comprised of two sound combs, ten bells, two drums, cymbal and reed organ for 26 tones. Cast mounting plate with a pair of sound combs and double swing-down clamping rod is fixed on the soundboard center. Reeds and levers that control bell hammers, percussion beaters and organ valves fixed on the mounting plate sides are under the sound combs. The disc music box is mounted on wooden stand with two massive chiselled feet on the front side, a solid panel in the rear side and a tray with shoulders below. Narrow withdrawable drawer for coins and accessories is under the stand top cover. When the motor spring is winded and a coin is dropped in, pinned disc set on the axis and fixed with the clamping rod starts to rotate. Pins on the disc rear side make sound combs teeth sound, move the bells' hammers and open the organ valves in the order determined by the program. The winding crank and eighteen exchangeable metal pinned discs are in the set.
    Music media – pinned discs.