Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box “Chordephon Model 60S”

    Disc musical box “Chordephon Model 60S”

    Germany, Leipzig


    Fabrik mechanischer Zithern “Chordephon“, Claus & Co.

    Wood, metal, glass; mechanical work and carpentry, casting, carving

    68 x 41 x 140 cm; stand 75 x 42 x 82 cm; disc diameter 50 cm, weight 50 kg

    On metal onlay: “Chordephon”, on the nameplate “Spielt/steht”.In the soundboard round aperture: “Chordephon/BrevetéPatentirt Patented in allenerf. Staaten!”


    Musical disc box is mounted in vertical rectangular walnut veneered wooden case. The case rests on the chiseled feet on the front side. A door with arched glazed window is the case facade. Channelled ornately shaped pilasters are the window sides. Ornately shaped acoustic windows closed with openwork fretwork lattices in the shape of interwoven ribbons frame the arc. They are tightened with red fabric. Metal nameplate with the inscription: “Chordephon” is fixed under the window. Carved openwork finial is on wide moulding. An aperture for winding crank, a keyhole with cast onlays and the movement switch with the nameplate with inscription in German are on the case right lateral side.

    Resonant soundboard with musical movement mounted on mounted on artistic cast gilded frame decorated with foliage pattern, volumetric images of female head and fancy bird are fixed on the case rear side. Cast stringed rod with tuning pins is fixed under the key frame top side. String covering consists of sixty-one strings. Tuning pins are screwed directly into the soundboard.

    A crossbar with keys is mounted in the key frame bottom part.

    Cambered rod bracket with clamping rollers is hinged to the frame left rack. Spring motor, which rotates a pinned disc with a star wheel, is mounted on the case bottom side. The movement is covered with the glazed casing.

    The disc musical box is mounted on wooden pedestal with façade in the form of a hinged panelled door with handle, a dead lock and channelled consoles on the sides. The drawer with compartments for storing the exchangeable pinned discs is fixed on the door inner side. The drawer for coins on sliding carriage with dead lock is on the right side under the case. When the spring is winded and the motor is switched on, a pinned disc that is set on the axis and fixed with clamping bar starts to rotate. Pins on the disc rear side via keys make strings sound in a certain order. Winding crank, key and ten pinned discs are in the set.

    Music media: 50.5 cm pinned metal disc.