Disc Musical Boxes

Coin operated disc music box Stella

    Coin operated disc music box Stella

    Switzerland / France, Saint Croix / Paris

    the 1910-1920s

    Wood, metal, papier-mâché, fabric, silk, cardboard; carving, painting, polishing

    76 х 55 х 234 cm

    Inscription on the cornice and chassis: “ Stella”; on the frieze: “MUSIQUE-AUTOMATE-METTEZ 10CENT”, on the plate: “MERMOD FRERES / Ste CROIX / SUISSE”, near control lever “LENT/ VITE” (slow/ fast); on the disc: “St C”, “SWISS”, “DENZA”, “Funiculi Funicula lammo”, “5494”, “STELLA”


    Disc music box Stella with automaton and two combs. Disk diameter 50 cm, coin operated. Motor made by Mermod Frères; automaton made by Gustave Vichy.