Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box "Komet"

    Disc musical box "Komet"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Komet-Musikwerke, Bauer & Co

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, varnishing, wood carving, printing

    222 x 73 x 43 cm, 90 kg

    Inscriptions on the front side: “KOMET”, “Schutzmarke”; on the nameplate: “Einwurf”, “5 Pfennig”, on the upper bar plunger pin: “1860”, “60”


    Disc music box is mounted in nutwood veneered case on low socle with a hidden coin box and four chiselled feet, with ribbed moulding and carved ornately shaped finial. A door with glazed arch and apertures with slotted ornament in the upper corners and chiselled columns is on the front side. Artistic frame of golden color and inscription are on the glass: “KOMET”. The company trademark of white color is above. The image of a herald with trumpet, a shield, in wide-brimmed hat with feathers and wearing jack-boots with spurs, standing on a comet tail is on the trademark. The inscription is on the shield: “KOMET”. The inscription “Schutzmarke” is beneath. A lock, a slot for coins are on the right side. A plate with the patterns in the corners and words “Einwurf / 5 Pfennig” is above. A horizontal shelf with an aperture and vertical spindle for a detachable crank are inside the case. A musical movement on the golden ornately shaped chassis is mounted above the shelf. A driving wheel with conical notches, bracket with upper bar plunger pin with rollers, two sound combs and axis with crawler wheels are beneath. A bracket with fixed axle that is connected with the disk central aperture is above. The spring motor and coin selector are under the shelf. The inclined metal ramp, through which the coins descend to the small horizontal platform, is on right-hand side.

    Disc music box is mounted on a pedestal with ornately shaped base on four round supports, with a reclining front panel with a lock, chiselled semi-columns on the sides and a marquetry-veneered panel. Two chains fix the panel farthest position. A box with four compartments for removable pinned metal disks is fixed on the panel internal side.

    After inserting a 5-pfennig coin and winding a spring, the motor is activated, the disk rotates, pins touch the corresponding stars- wheels that in turn touch the sound combs teeth and a melody sounds. When the melody is finished, the mechanism stops automatically. The case serves as a soundboard. Eight discs are in the set.

    Music media: pinned metal disc.