Disc Musical Boxes

Disk musical box "Fortuna No 365"

    Disk musical box "Fortuna No 365"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Julius Heinrich Zimmermann

    Wood, metal, glass; turning, casting, carving, carpentry and mechanical work

    234 x 87 x 53 cm, disc 65.5 cm, 80 kg

    On the musical movement chassis: “FORTUNA”


    Disc musical box is mounted in vertical rectangular wooden walnut veneered case. A door with an arched glazed window is its façade. Black chiselled columns are on the window sides. Two triangular acoustic windows closed with openwork fretwork lattices are above the window. Finial in the form of torn fretwork arch with chiselled phials in the center and at the corners is mounted above the massive stepped moulding. A coin slot, a keyhole and the movement winding shaft closed with cast onlays of golden colour are on the case right lateral side. Spring motor, activated by a dropped coin is mounted inside the case. The movement is covered with the glazed casing. Musical movement on cast mounting plate is fixed to the rear side, with two pairs of sound combs, axis with guide sheaves for the pinned disc, clamping bar and driving star wheel. The case serves as acoustic resonator. The disc musical box is mounted on wooden pedestal with façade in the form of a hinged panelled door with chiselled handle, dead lock and black chiselled half-columns on the sides. A drawer with compartments for storing exchangeable pinned disks is fixed on the door inner side. Retractable box for coins, with bevelled front side, decorated with metal onlay is fixed on the carriage in the case right upper inner corner. When the spring is winded and the coin is dropped in the slot, the disc that is set on the axis and fixed by the clamping bar starts to rotate.The pins on the disc rear side make the sound combs teeth sound in a certain order. Winding crank and fourteen pinned discs are in the set.
    Music media: pinned metal discs.