Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box “Original Musik Automat” with clock

    Disc musical box “Original Musik Automat” with clock

    Germany, Leipzig


    Original Musikwerke Paul Lochmann G.m.b.H.

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical works, silkscreening

    216 x 60 x 45 cm, 70 kg

    Inscriptions on the door: “Original Musik Automat”; on the chassis “Lochmann’s“ Original”; “A”; “1815”


    Disc music box in mahogany veneered wooden case is mounted on the pedestal with a lockable drawer for storing coins, four chiselled feet and ornately shaped finial. Behind a round glass door there is a Clock with silver-plated dial, with Arabic numerals hours and minutes graduation, two hands and winding aperture.

    Opening door with the glazed arch, slotted corners, chiselled columns, foliage pattern; the inscription “Original Musik Automat”, golden color metal onlay and a slot for coins is on the case façade. Aperture for the lock, a button and a crank are on the case right lateral side. The spring winding aperture is on the case left side. Musical movement is installed on silver color rectangular chassis with the inscription “Lochmann’s “Original” and number “1815”.

    The jukebox is mounted on a pedestal with ornately shaped base on four round supports, with the hinged front panel, a handle and a lock, carved pilasters on the sides and a panel with veneered onlay in the center and chain-shaped stopper. The compartment for changeable pinned metal discs is fixed inside.

    When the coin is dropped the spring is wound, the movement is activated, the disk rotates, the pins touch the corresponding crawler-wheels that in turn, touch the sound combs’ teeth and the melody sounds. The disk stops automatically. The case serves as a soundboard.

    Seven 54-cm disks and two keys are in the set. Music media: pinned metal disc.