Disc Musical Boxes

Disc music box "Symphonion Eroica No. 36"

    Disc music box "Symphonion Eroica No. 36"

    Germany, Leipzig

    The 1890s

    Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke AG

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical work

    210 x 71 x 145 cm, 93 kg

    On the enamel plate: “Versuche, den Automaten anders als durch Einwurf eines 5 Pfennig Stückes zum Spielen zu bringen, warden strafrechtlich verfolgt” (Those who try to force the machine to play without dropping 5 pfennigs will be convicted of a criminal offence) On the kkkeyframe near the sound combs: “SCHUTZ MARKE / TRADE MARK / MADE IN GERMANY” and brand name in the form of a lyre and stripe with the inscription “SYMPHONION”; serial number on the upper keyframe: “281647”


    Disc music box in vertical varnished walnut case on a stepped base with low wide feet. The case is vertically divided into separate sections. The bottom section facade is decorated with an arched panel and pilasters with carved foliage ornaments. The middle section facade is door-shaped and decorated with chiselled columns with Ionic capitals. The central part is glazed with yellow wavy glass in narrow oblique metal binding. A frieze with carved horizontal onlay and carved consoles that support wide mounding is above. Low balustrade with chiselled elements at the corners is mounted on it. On the right side of the case are The crank slots, metal cup with the coins selector slot and white enamel plate with the inscription in German are on the case right side. Musical movement comprised of three disc jukeboxes operating synchronously is in middle section. Spring motors drive the movements. Sound combs serve as sound source. Sound combs contain fifty teeth. Steel pinned disk is mounted on the drive shaft washer and pressed by latched keyframe. A drawer for coins is beneath the movement. Removable disks are stored in the bottom section. When the coin is dropped in the slot, all three mechanisms are activated and a tune is reproduced. The melody recording on three discs has some differences and thus the richness of sound is achieved.
    The removable crank, the key for the door and coin box locking are in the set. Music media: pinned steel disks in sets of three pieces.