Disc Musical Boxes

Disc music box “Polyhymnia”

    Disc music box “Polyhymnia”

    Germany, Schönebeck


    Metall-Industrie Schönebeck A.-G.

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, varnishing, wood carving, chiselling

    224 x 75 x 43 cm, 100 kg

    On the door glass: “Polyhymnia”, on the transparent onlay “Automate à musique”


    Disc music box in vertical walnut veneered polished wooden case on chiselled ornately shaped feet. The hinged door closes the facade. Glazed arched window with refine vignette and the name “Polyhymnia”, painted with gold paint on the inner side of the glass, occupies the door major surface. Two openwork cornerpeices are above the arch. Carved chiselled columns are on the right and left sides. Wide drawer with cast handle and onlay is in the low socle. A transparent onlay with the inscription: “Automate à musique” on dark background is on the frieze. A stepped balustrade with phials and faceted onlays is on wide profiled moulding. Spring motor with centrifugal lock is in the case bottom part. It is closed with the glazed cover. A winding shaft with removable handle is mounted on the case right side. The musical movement is fixed on the rear wall that serves a soundboard. Sectioned sound combs, fixed disc axis and upper bar plunger pin are installed on casted chassis.

    Musical instrument is comprised of two sound combs and metallophone that consists of ten metal plates hooked on two ornately shaped brackets hooked on the chassis’ right and left sides. Hammers hitting the plates are controlled by Two additional combs with five teeth each are operating the hammers that strike the plates. Sound combs, consisting of 133 teeth, are located opposite each other and are connected with the disk by the intermediate crawler wheels. The movement is activated by a coin dipped into the slot of the coin acceptor. The coin falls onto the starting lever tray and lies there until the disk makes a half turn, then it falls into the bottom drawer. The disc music box is mounted in veneered wooden pedestal, standing on round feet- washers. The front wall is a hinged door with a handle-bracket and mortise lock. On both sides of the door there are Massive carved curl-shaped consoles are the door sides a marquetry panel is panel is between them. A drawer with compartment for storing disks is fixed to the door inner side. A narrow sliding drawer for accessories is on the right side above it. 17 discs are in the set.

    Music media: metal disks (56 cm diameter).