Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with pinned metal disc

    Musical box with pinned metal disc


    circa 1900


    Wood (mahogany, walnut, birch), metal, paper

    33 х 31 х 19 cm; disc 25.5 cm, 5.5 kg

    Inscription on the musical movement: "Symphonion/509355"


    Wooden rectangular box with on four feet, with a keyhole and hinged lid. The case is mahogany veneered. The lid walnut wood veneered, decorated with birch vein. A picture angels, singing and playing musical instruments is on the lid inner side. The inscription "Symphonion" is on the left side.

    Musical movement consists of metal disc and a sound comb for 49 tones.

    The movement is wound by a lever on the case front side and activated by the lever on the box left side.