Disc Musical Boxes

Coin operated disc musical box "Savoyard"

    Coin operated disc musical box "Savoyard"

    Germany, Leipzig

    circa 1900

    Polyphon Musikwerke AG

    Wood, steel, metal (copper), fabric; casting, woodworks, mechanical works, painting, varnishing, enamel, silk screen printing

    80 х 56 х 167 cm, 81 kg

    On tray for coins: “BINWURF 10 PFENNING”, on the arbour and chassis: “30896”, on the comb lid: “ SCHUTZ MARKE TRADE MARK Patent. Patented BREVETÉ S.G.D.G”; on enamel plate: “Polyphon – Musikwerk”


    Figure of a swarthy young man in blue raincoat, red vest, white shirt and brown short pants, with leather bag over his shoulder, is mounted on rectangular wooden base. Medallion is on his neck, hat with blue ribbon on his head, sandals with straps on his feet. Musical automat, made in the form of street organ is standing on the folding pedestal in front of him. The case is made of light walnut wood and polished. Niche with fifteen false wooden organ pipes is on its front wall. The wall hinges backwards, opening  disk musical box mechanism with two sound combs, the top one is covered with metal lid with the images of medals and cherubs with musical instruments in their hands. An aperture for the crank is in the front panel bottom right-hand side. The elongated enamel plate with the name of the manufacturer - "Polyphon - Musikwerk" is on the façade bottom. Metal plate with a narrow slot for coins is fixed on the top lid center. Lockable tray for coins is on the right side of the case. The crank connected to the movable arm of the Savoyard boy is on the box rear side. 10 pfennigs coin, inserted in the slot, activates the musical movement and falls into the coin box.

    The musical box plays the tune encoded on the disc; the musician's hand simulates the rotation of the organ crank. Large drawer for storing the disks is in the automat pedestal. Ten disks are in the set.