Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box

    Disc musical box

    Germany, Leipzig

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Walnut wood, brass, glass, paper; intarsia, casting

    46 х 26 х 37 cm; disc diameter 30 cm

    Inscriptions on musical movement: "Schutz-Marke/Trade Mark/Made in Germany/809575"

    Wooden rectangular box with hinged lid, of four on four spherical feet, with a keyhole, with a curved metal onlay, on a profiled base, with bronze shaped cast knobs. The case of the box is made of walnut wood. The lid external side is trimmed with walnut veneer; a picture made in the intarsia technique is in the center. Glass-covered picture depicting children playing musical instruments is on the lid inner side.

    Musical movement consists of a metal disc and two sound combs with 86 tones. A special handle on the right side of the case winds the movement; a pullout handle for activating melodies is on the left side.