Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with metal disc and the table

    Musical box with metal disc and the table

    Germany, Leipzig

    Polyphone Musikwerke

    Wood (walnut, rosewood, birch), metal, paper, brass; carving, turning

    61.5 х 96 х 56.5 cm; disc diameter 39.8 cm

    Mark inside the case: on brass frame "Polyphon"; on the emblem "POLYPHON/MARQUEDE TRADE MARK/FABRIQUE SCHUTZ MARKE"


    Wooden rectangular box with hinged lid and lock. The case of the box is walnut veneered. The center of the lid top surface is ornated with the image of picture made in the marquetry technique with the image of twigs with flowers in the marquetry technique, surrounded by a birch frame. Black and white picture with the image of young children playing musical instruments against landscape background is on the lid inner side. The box stands on birch veneered wooden table with a drawer and a lock, on four curved feet. The musical movement consists of a metal disc and two sound combs with one hundred teeth.

    The movement is wound by the handle located on the box right side, activated by the lever inside the case, on the right side.
    Music media: metal disc.